Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sekumpulan Photo Rumahan (a home photography)

High school friend reunion
Ivan Gultom - PapiLukas - Iwan Mba'on

Putri boru Gultom

Ivan family, now they lives in Cheko
Iwan Mba'on & Devan

Iwan family, kehangatan sebuah keluarga...hehe...
Panas deh Jakarta

Lukas in attraction

A colours of me...

Timmy for a bottle milk more

You wanna 'play' with me..?!

Home made for b'fast

Hurry up huh..!

A playstation poison..

Timmy & Mom

Mommy in action?

Stand up !! Don't move !! Papi takes ur picture...!

How us looks like?

Scary movie..?

We have a new BMW

How is me like this?

Tooth brushing

Another catch

They bought me from a flower store

But I'm a wild one

Jakarta afternoon

One of a nice building in Jakarta

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