Friday, February 08, 2008

Welcome Party

It was a honor for me to spent a night dinner welcome party together with MMC (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation) Stamping & Plastic Dept. members. Five person of managers, and the other five person staff are go along with me drinking a gallon of beer.
The night is yet young, after finishing a gallon of beer and a lot of Japanese food, Imai-san and Namba-san asking for a “Ni ji kai” party (2nd party!). We, six persons were continuing for osake and another pitcher of beer in another Japanese restaurant nearby of my hotel. Their guys are really crazy on beer, but it was really enjoyable night. They made a clack for me in Japanese style for welcoming in MMC.
Thank you very much…

1st party

just as seen on monitor;
Namba-san, Imai-san, n' me
on 'ni ji kai party'

2nd party (ni ji kai party).
にじかい パチイー

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